• Kernersville Little Theatre will do their vignettes
  • Paul J Ciener Botanical Gardens Raised bed gardening
  • Farmers Market (strawberries)
  • Kernersville Museum vintage games and a sports exhibit
  • Vintage cars and tractor
  • Wood carver
  • TOK Stream Trailer:The stream trailer is a hands-on educational tool that allows participants to examine the natural movement of streams and rivers. The stream trailer contains a large flat “land area” composed of recycled plastic grit. Water is pumped through the trailer to create a “stream” that moves along the length of the trailer. As the stream picks up speed, viewers can learn how stream channels form, how vegetation contributes to streambank stability and how proper stewardship can help prevent erosion. Toy houses, vehicles, animals, fake plants, rocks and bridges help to further understand as well as invite users to interact and play while they learn.

Saturday 10 am- 6 pm on May 5th and it’s sponsored by Piedmont Natural Gas.